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The strength of our market access team consists of creating inter-dependency and overlap into HTA, enabling us to tailor a comprehensive solution for you that will always allow for the uniqueness of the product and the results of cost-effectiveness and budgetary impact analyses. We offer comprehensive services beginning with the formulation of market access strategy and including our assistance in the negotiations with health insurance companies. We will navigate you safely through all phases, from market entry, through maintaining your activity on the market to leaving the market.


Market access

We will prepare comprehensive strategy to launch your product in the market. We will succeed in getting your product all the way to the patients.


Preparation of market entry strategy

  • -  Creation of a “market access story“
  • -  Market and competing products analyses and anticipated development
       of the situation
  • -  Current and future reimbursement situation analysis
  • -  Analysis of internal/domestic and external price references (all EU countries)
  • -  Comprehensive pricing services
  • -  Finding out all price references in 28 EU countries
  • -  Creation of the ideal price map/sequence to market a product
  • -  Creation of underlying documents for highly innovative medicinal products
       (Czech: VILPs) in the Czech Republic
  • -  Complete processing of applications for price or reimbursement
       for the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • -  Active monitoring of administrative proceedings in the Czech Republic
       and Slovakia
  • -  Creation of underlying documents for negotiations with health
       insurance companies
  • -  Knowledge of the types of contractual stipulations with health insurance
       companies in the Czech Republic
  • -  Proposals and simulation of risk-sharing schemes