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We provide partial statistical analysis of already collected data, but also provide comprehensive statistical support for market research, non-interventional studies and registries. We are already in the planning phase and throughout the data collection phase until the final evaluation of the results.. The results of statistical analyses are clearly presented and interpreted. Statistical data outputs often serve as a basis for complex pharmaco-economic analyses.


Data analytics / biostatistics

We will conduct complete statistical data analysis, including report preparation with expert/professional interpretation of the results.


  • -  Creation of protocols and statistical plans
  • -  Proposal of patient sample size for non-interventional follow-up
  • -  Data control and cleaning
  • -  Compilation of validation/error reports
  • -  Processing of extensive data files, e.g. from health insurance companies
  • -  Database processing/work
  • -  Creation and administration of drugs/diseases specific registries
  • -  In case of longer-term projects, development of automatic instruments for data
       control, processing, and presentation of continuous/ongoing data statistical
       analysis outputs
  • -  Statistical data analysis
    • -  Descriptive data analysis
    • -  Hypothesis testing
    • -  Regression models (linear, non-linear)
    • -  Survival analysis
    • -  Longitudinal analysis and and analysis of repeated measures
  • -  Preparation of graphics output, presentation, or detailed final report
       or publication