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Our experience


What we always look for in our projects and approaches is a comprehensive view of the disease under study as well as its treatment. We aim at broad multidisciplinary cooperation and discussion, including attempts to see things through the eyes of the patient and to understand what the disease means for him or her and what the hope is the new treatment gives to him.


Our experience includes for example the following areas

  • -  Crohn\'s disease
  • -  Ulcerative colitis
  • -  Colorectal cancer
  • -  Hepatic encephalopathy
  • -  Intestinal diverticulosis
  • -  Intestinal and abdominal infections
  • -  Peptic ulcer disease

Our most recent projects include

  • -  Cost-effectiveness analysis of indication extension
  • -  Trends of incoming biosimilars
  • -  Economic and health effects of early initiation of biological therapy
  • -  Our own economic model of diverticular intestinal disease
  • -  Patient-reported quality of life