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VALUE OUTCOMES prepares tens of health economics analyses annually, using also its own health economic models predominantly for the purposes of obtaining reimbursement from health insurance.

Outputs from our cost-of-illness, outcomes research and mapping studies are usually published in prestige journals with impact factor.


Health economics

We will create your own pharmacoeconomic model for you or adapt a global model so that it matches the local clinical conditions and costs, as much as possible, including preparation of both the final dossier and proposed strategy.



  • -  Cost-utility, cost-effectiveness analysis
  • -  Cost-minimization analysis
  • -  Budgetary impact analysis
  • -  Cost-of-illness studies
  • -  Societal/health insurance/hospital perspective and other perspectives

Health economic models

  • -  Markov models (cohort, microsimulation)
  • -  Decision-trees
  • -  Discrete-event simulation (DES) models
  • -  Hybrid models
  • -  Creation of own models (TreeAge, MS Excel)
  • -  Adaptation of global models

Accompanying analyses

  • -  Complete review of available literary evidence
  • -  Processing of underlying medical documents/data on efficacy and safety
    • -  Survival analysis
    • -  Indirect efficacy and safety comparisons
         (adjusted indirect comparison, propensity score, meta-analysis)
    • -  Outcomes research
    • -  Mapping studies between various clinical outcomes/parameters
  • -  Processing and analysis of quality-of-life (QoL) studies
  • -  Cost estimation and analysis, for example healthcare costs (costing)
  • -  Estimation of the number of patients for the intervention of interest
    • -  Actual data collection in real clinical practice
    • -  Estimation based on epidemiological data
    • -  Estimation/inference using database sources (e.g. registries,
         distribution data)
  • -  Types of technologies under investigation
    • -  Medicinal products
    • -  Zdravotnické prostředky vč. přístrojů
    • -  Medical devices incl. specific hospital devices (gamma knife,
         proton therapy etc.)
    • -  Medical procedures